About us

Company Lefo Ltd. is Bulgarian company, launched in 1990 already 18 years successfully sustain our position on the Bulgarian market of goods and services.
For those 18 years the company's team has everything yourself our "child" to industries with traditions, morals and optimum functionality.

  • History
    Lefo Ltd. began production mainly blinds in 1991. After spent a short but successful training colleague we started a separate business. Followed by gradual range of staff.
  • Objectives
    The company is our territory in which we express its own vision for a model of human relations. The main objective in our work is to offer customers not only quality products and services and human respect. That this communication between the client and us is essential. This is the way to that customer to remain happy and to contact us again.
    We believe that every client is individual and unique and should be an individual and unique product.
  • Achievements
    Company Lefo Ltd. was the first Bulgarian company that developed the first Bulgarian machine for cutting and bending of the gill of aluminum horizontal blinds. After this machine company to continue development and construction of other machinery and equipment needed in production. Along with the production company allows staff to demonstrate their potential to become good professionals and continue on their own time using our model and style of work.
  • Products
    The core of products that Lefo Ltd. offers are not goods, and attitude to our clients. In the area of our business relies more loyal customers than new ones.A happy customer comes back again at least once, and we recommend at least one friend's therefore important for us is communicating with the client. Another element of the actual finished product are the raw materials use.
  • Resources
    We have modern machinery and equipment. Workshops and stores for windows and blinds are located in an area of 25 decares. Our production base is located the town of Dryanovo, in the center of Bulgaria.
    The company head office is located in Sofia, the Vitosha boulevard 111. Thus we find convenient and easily accessible place for our customers and distributors. This is the company's advantage because Sofia is the main shopping area in Bulgaria. Central warehouses of large companies importing materials are in close proximity to nas.Taka our resources are mobile and easily accessible at any time.
More information about our products, you can look in page Products.